Thoughts on Shop + Artwork?

Well, I just wanted to make a whole topic for it, so here it is.

I’ve recently been out of the art community, but I’ve decided to return. I researched a better and more fun way for me to make art, and I found it. It’s much more fun for me now and I’m more motivated.
Although I make artwork myself, I don’t like making it, which is why I request from others.

Please let me know if there’s any areas I can improve on or any other programs I should try!

Large Covers

Small Covers


What Do You Rate My Art?

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Should I Reopen My Art Shop?

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NOTE: Please do not try and steal my artwork. I have original copies of my artwork and videos of me making them.

Thank you so much for helping out, have a lovely day! :wink:


Your art is so beautiful :grin:

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Thank you so much. :heart:

Nice work! :smile_cat:

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