Thoughts on Short Episodes?

I understand this can be a problem for readers (when is a good story EVER long enough, right?) However, some writers just simply do not have the time to write 2000 lines in a reasonable amount of time. For those who have very tight schedules, do you think writers such as these should even bother writing on this app if they are unable to write more than 1000 lines per episode? Lastly, before it is mentioned. I understand the goal is to please the readers, but I am wondering if there is such a thing as a middle-ground here.


My thoughts on short episodes?
Honestly, it makes me feel like I’ve wasted my passes and that’s not something I want to continue feeling, so I’d rather click out, especially now that a lot of things have gem charges. I’m even more inclined to click out if I’m offered the choice to pay early access or skip-the-wait with gems only to receive a short chapter for my pass too.

I’m generally a longer chapter type person though so I’ve always disliked shorter chapters, it’s just that since most authors are choosing to add such charges to their stories, not to mention that binge-reading isn’t possible with every story now, I expect more bang for my buck (or my wait), not less.


Depending on how you code, 1000 lines can take the reader anywhere from 2 to 10 minutes.

So I think the best way for you to know is to read your own chapter. If you read it in under 7 minutes I would go a little longer between your uploads and then make your chapters longer instead.

I know some readers are happy with shorter chapters, but the majority expect your chapter to be around 8-15 minutes.


For me, episodes should be somewhere in the middle of the line. When I first started writing, it used to strain my eyes and I started to write episodes that lasted about 7-8 minutes…

Now I am not saying that writing very short episodes is justified (I myself dislike stories like that and am trying to improve), just on what is classified as “short”. Two minutes? Yes definitely short. Eight minutes? It’s not short


For me, short stories are kind of a waste of passes, but I do understand why a lot of stories have short episodes since scripting is hard & takes a lot of time. I think what we need to do is that we make the first episode of the story long (to make sure the reader want to continue reading the story and to get them hooked on the story) and then the rest of the episodes can be short or long. I don’t know, it’s just an idea. Anyone get what I mean?

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