Thoughts on stories over 100 episodes?


Do you feel these types of story are too long or too drawn out?
Do you like to read long stories?


For me 50 is really the maximum, and then I really have to love the story if I want to finish it.
Most of the long stories get boring, and they keep repeating themselves…


It depends for me on stories length cause there are some like Dripping Mascara which are written, directed and the plot is doing in a way that I keep wanting more & it was 130 episodes.


Yes! I feel like Dripping Mascara is sooooo dragged out and soooooo long too. (Please don’t hate me, I do like Dripping Mascara and Gen…)


Hahaha no way I could hate you for disagreeing but fair enough.
I do think that story did it well tho.
Love in Sanders Bloom is another one with over a 100 episodes I enjoy but I understand that with only a certain number of passes , those stories can take forever.


Yea, I feel if an author has over 50 episodes they should try to make a season end or something and then continue with a new story, like Wiktoria’s “blake” series


Yes or Chain Reaction has continued with around 50 episodes through 3 stories & now created “Its Just An Illusion” which goes with it as well .


It depends on the story. Some of the best stories are real long because it takes that long to develop a character.


If I start reading a story when it’s only got like 20 chapters, then it gets weekly updates until it gets to over 100 then I get really sad when it finishes like with Dripping Mascara


Agreed that’s how I feel about Dripping Mascara too and why I love long stories. You attach yourselves to characters for possibly years sometimes and it makes them feel like family. That’s why I like long stories on episode :slight_smile:


Agreed & if the plot is good & people are asking for more. I don’t see the problem?


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