Thoughts On The Chain Reaction + It's Juts An Ilusion Series?



What Does Everybody Think Of The Chain Reaction +It’s Just An Illusion Series??

Is Chain Reaction worth reading?

Ok. Predictable, IMO.


I Know. But It’s Just An Illusion Is Still Kinda Interesting TBH


Tried to read it, but lost interest about 3 minutes in.


I read all of Chain Reaction and it is ok but just didnt hold my interest. I thought it was going to have a shocking twist for an ending but it did not. Lots of people love it though.


I love all her books!!


I KNOW ME TOO! But… I’m Gonna Miss Trey


That’s exactly what I’m talking about with the predictability. But, to each their own.


(has anyone else seen what she posted on instagram about discontinuing all her stories)






Loved the first chain reaction it was new and fresh after that there all the same plot wise. I just got sick of reading the same story over and over again. Each to their own I guess sad she no longer going to write.


No… I Wanted To See Rick And Charlotte Together!! :sob:


No… No! I Wanted To See Rick And Charlotte Together!! :sob:


She gave up her books? I’m so sad!! I’m going to cry!!


What happened??? OMG I’m gonna die


Don’t worry she put on a new post saying she changed her mind


Yeah I saw :sweat_smile: I’m so relieved :joy:


She changed her mind? I’m so happy!!


the mama/start of gang stories.