Thoughts on the new “LOL” shelf?

What are your guys thoughts on the new “LOL” shelf?
Which stories have you read or are most interested to read?
I haven’t read any but I’m already planning to read “In Your Dreams”.
I think the shelf looks like a good shelf based on descriptions.

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I’ve read Spooky Stories which is a spin-off from Dirty Sexy Teenagers (which I recommend). It’s short and fun. Each episode is a short “spooky” story.

I keep meaning to read Confessions of a 40-year-old Bad Boy so I guess now is a good time to do that :joy:

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Silly question…but where does one find these “shelves”? I’m always looking for recommendations on what to read. Thanks!

No it’s not silly at all.
On the top of your page you see gems & passes on one side & the episode title, + 3 lines on the other side.
Just click those 3 lines and the shelf’s are there :slight_smile: this shelf is under “LOL”

I don’t have this shelf :confused:
So my thoughts on it are non-existent lol


I’ve read DST Spooky Stories because I’m a fan of DST. When the shelf came out, Confessions of a 40-Year-Old Bad Boy caught my eye, so I read all of it in one go and I was not disappointed :joy:


Omg thank you so much:D

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Me either and I just went through with the app update. I still see Asian Voices.

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There should be two shelves. Asian voices is a month long shelf. The new LOL shelf should replaced the “Love Yourself” weekly shelf. Do you still have that one?

Oh no, thank YOU for writing such an amusing stories about one of my favorite topics… “bad boys” getting their well deserved comeuppance :wink:


No and I do not recall if I ever had the Love Yourself self.

I’m having a lot of issues with episode today such as characters not showing up in stories (invisible but the speech bubbles are there)

I thought it was author coding error but I have had it happen in 5 stories today.

Bad boys getting theirs?! BRB, off to go read that story…


Woah, it’s like we share an account hahaha. I have the same problems as you.

On mine, Love Yourself is gone but there’s no replacement shelf yet

I have the same problem… Many people do, I made a poll on instagram and 40% said they don’t have the shelf yet.

Glad to know I can successfully promote someone else’s story even if I fail at promoting my own :joy:


Wait, so you are on the shelf and you don’t have it? How strange

I know right! The author of The Nerdy Vampire (story featured along with mine) also doesn’t have it yet.

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I read the first chapter of Confessions of a 40-Year-Old Bad Boy and I’m planning to read the next chapters as well. It’s a humourous story in the perspective of a once bad boy.

And while you’re checking that out, check out the same authors other stories. They’re funny but weird at the same time. Oh and they also have romance in them as well. The perfect blend.


thank you so much :heart: I’m glad you liked it!