Thoughts On The Teacher 2

Apparently in the story Femme Fatale, they show that she got killed in there though in The Teacher 2, they mentioned that she got shot in the head by a crossbow.

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Wtfff! Really?? That’s so sad man! She was always a good friend, even when finding out Mia was pregnant. I wish the author didn’t do that.

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I know right. I liked Kelly, she seemed like a really genuine friend to Mia.

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Yay! More romanticisation of illegal relationships! Can’t wait to read!


Read chapter 1 and eh …
Felt a little dull but I will give it a chance.

At least this one starts in a college versus a highschool lol


I read through 5 and yes, I agree! I actually really like that she went a mystery route with this one. More like a mystery with some romantic subplots.

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Lol yeah, high school one was a little predatory even though Bella turns 18 in this story so I guess it’s not a big deal. It’d be worse if she was 14 years old! Usually I don’t read teacher-student stories but man it’s a little confusing.

I know right. When I found out a serial killer is involved, I knew this will be a mystery story as well. Shame Kelly is not in the story.

That part is annoying

Why is Bella feeling guilty about Skyler’s death? Sorry I kind of skipped a little… :eyes::eyes:

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She feels partly guilty because she told the killer to go to the sorority house where murder happens like in these horror films and that’s what happened. Who do you think the killer will be?

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I’m going to replay and make different choices and pay attention to eyes to see if I can narrow it down.

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LOOOL maybe but we shall see haha

Heheh awesome. How many chapters do you think The Teacher 2 will have?

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20 to 30

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I think so, too.

It just sounds like Envy this story even though it is based on a sorority house.

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I replayed and none of the eyes match. Perhaps we have not met the killer yet.


Maybe we will meet the killer later on. Definitely a male because of the built.