Thoughts on this HORROR story idea!

So, I came up with an idea for a HORROR/COMEDY story that I’m going to do in INK! It’s about a group of young adults that get sucked into a magical tv :tv: that transports them into a HOROR movie! And that the main characters must use their knowledge of HORROR movies, if they ever want to make it out alive?! The story will be called How To Survive A HORROR Movie! And it’ll also be poking fun at HORROR movie tropes!!!


Thats actually nice idea but…Few years ago I saw a horror story just like that,where some friends on halloween night decided to watch a horror movie and then got stuck inside that tv in that movie.I don’t much cuz I just watched 1 episode of that story

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That sounds really fun and I’d be excited to read it in Ink!

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You could make it a theatre, like instead of tv, some people go to theatre to watch a horror movie but there aren’t really much people to watch that movie so a few friends went to watch it.and then you could put the idea you’ve got for the story<3
Hope It helps in your story :butterfly:

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That sounds pretty entertaining! I’d definitely read something like that. : D


That sounds pretty interesting! I can’t wait to read it!

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