Thoughts on title

Ok so here are thoughts on titles for my story
Cold ice
Just comment with one I should do

What are your story gonna be about? If you don’t want to say what’s it gonna be about (i understand why) i’ll pick Fierce or Cold Ice

I say Thunder cuz when episode sees the word crossover they finna come after ya :skull::sob:


:joy::joy: The shade right here lol.



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I’d say cold ice cause it’s different :slightly_smiling_face: but it does depend on what your story is about though

Midnight or Ashes. I think if you combine them to make Midnight Ashes it gives a darker, dangerous, mysterious vibe if that’s what you’re going for.

Well it about a girl being in a coma for 9 months and waking up to having a power so based on what title you pic is what her power is gonna be

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I like it well I’m gonna wait on more replies but I definitely love this one thx

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Then i would definitely choose Thunder as the title.

So my final ones are midnight ashes and I combined this one cold thunder but pic between theses ones

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Ooh midnight ashes sounds bomb asf I’d read

Ok bet

It’s really hard to say my opinion when I don’t know what the story is about, but i’d say cold ice because it sounds cool

i like midnight ashes

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Ok now I need one girl to be in my story in midnight ashes who wants to be it I need you to send me what your characters look like

But alos I need someone to be a best friend
Then I need there to be two mean girls
Then I need someone to have a boy character
The due date is next Friday

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