Thoughts on transitions between scenes?

Hi! So I’ve scene that in some popular stories that authors use transitions between scenes and some authors don’t use them at all and some do a mixture between both.

I do prefer the transitions between scenes but I don’t think it’s necessary for ALL scenes. Is there any specific scenes that are better for transitions and better without transitions and which transitions are better for what scenes. (Fade, Iris, curtain, etc)

My story has a lot of flashbacks/memories because my MC has amnesia. (I think white fades are good for that) but I’m kinda wanting some advice on when to use transitions and what type of transitions if anyone could help out. Thanks


i honestly prefer a story without transitions, only for flashbacks and intro/outros are fine imo

For me it depends of the context. If the time changes from morning to evening I would understand better with let’s say a fade out black. When it’s a shorter timelapse then maybe iris? Idk. And I yes for flashback I would do a fade out white. If it’s just transition between a room then I agree no transition is needed. :upside_down_face:
That’s very subjective tho haha, hope it helped.