Thoughts on Unhappy Endings

Ok so I have a really unpopular opinion, but am I really the only one that likes unhappy endings in stories??

it keeps me on my toes and it’s refreshing to me when the unexpected happens (like idk I really like it when the MC dies in the end :eyes: is that dark?)

anyways let me know what you guys think of unhappy endings


I love unhappy endings. It’s kinda my thing. :sweat_smile:


ugh finally someone agrees with me! I just like it when a story surprises me like that


I love unhappy endings too. But it depends on my mood. Because of that I have something similar planned for the end of my story :see_no_evil::sunflower:


ooh have you released it yet? I’d love to read it!


Yes, I already have 35 chapters out and it’s called “Poison for your Heart.” The theme is dark in general :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


oooh I’ll check it out in a little bit when I get home!!


I just followed you on insta and HOLY MOLY your art is stunning


Haha, haven’t expected that now :joy: thank youuu


I love them! Anyone who agrees: you guys need to read Meet Me There by Ems if you haven’t already.

Just in general I love thriller/horror stories because of the unexpectedness and darkness. It’s why I started writing mine! :eyes:


I love them so much! The mc dying, yes, please! I love stories that leave me sobbing, the happy ones are basic and overrated. The darker and sadder the ending, the better.


I like them, too!

Sure they make me a little emotional, but I still like them. Yes, I’m one of those people who cries at movies. :sweat_smile:


Not gonna lie, I feel the same here!

Like, it might make me a lil teary-eyed, but it’s nice to see an alternative where not everyone gets their way/is happy. :smiley:


Yes I like unhappy endings.

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I feel like stories with sad endings really keep you thinking about them. I find it a bit refreshing seeing a sad ending, anything unexpected in a story is welcomed to me.


I likeunhappy endings too. :smiley:
Not every story should end happy. It’s not realistic.

My current story will have many unhappy endings, semi-happy endings and two happy endings.


I love stories ending happily, but sometimes I can just as equally love a story that has an unhappy ending. My biggest thing is that the ending has to fit the plot, and most of all, be satisfactory.

By that, I mean that you have a reader who is following along with this plot throughout your story, and they may/or may not know that it will end unhappily, but they continue to read to see how it plays out. You HAVE TO give them an ending that feels like an ending. One that doesn’t leave them frustrated for wasting their time, or upset that this tragedy came out of absolutely nowhere and makes no sense. It needs to be well executed and tick the boxes.

I read one story on the app shortly after joining, and it was a long story, but it was good. However, we were, as an audience, lead to believe it would end happily, then right at the very end, it just had the two characters going their separate ways, both broken hearted.
That was hugely irritating to me, and several friends I know who also read the story as it just came out of nowhere and left us questioning what the motives were, why it happened and what the point was.
The whole thing had been dampened by this ending that felt like it didn’t fit, and was hastily executed for impact. So I think if you’re writing an unhappy ending, it should be well thought out, and checked to make sure it is in line with the entire story, not plucked from mid air, and feel complete when it’s over.


So true. If it’s random and seems like the author made the decision on a whim, I don’t like them. However when it is planned and executed properly, they can be my favorite kind of ending.

However, with the story you’re describing, I can understand why some authors make the readers unhappy on purpose. It probably helps them gain more publicity and a wider audience if everyone is talking about how unexpected/unliked the ending was. It really depends on the style of the writer, and how the ending is written


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