Thoughts on using gems to customize LI(s)?

I’ve been heavily requested to add a feauture to customize the 2 LIs from my story, but it would ruin my original perspective as the author of their appearance, and their ethnicities / identities, and any limb overlays I might decide to use. I decided to make it cost 5 gems so those who are really willing to (full) CC can do it while also supporting me. Also this is only available at the 5th episode so new readers don’t get the idea that my story is infested with unnecessary gem choices. Thoughts?


I understand you want to please your audience but if you as the author don’t like this idea don’t pursue it. If you feel any type of doubt rather that’s not being encouraged to write or/and adding CC will mess up the whole vision of your story then don’t add it. If you’re leaning towards the gem choice that’s a great idea! you’re gaining from this situation but don’t feel obliged to always listen. Wish you the best with whatever decision you make!


Hate it, i dont Care about cc, but i would leave a story there ask for gems to do it, its greedy in my opinion.

Also wont you just use daras templet. I dont Think you should take gems for others code templet


I, personally, don’t like having to pay gems to customize. Even Episode official stories let us customize for free, and those stories are packed with gem choices. It’s your decision though. If you’re worried about the limb overlays/ethnicities, you can put warn the reader that those things won’t match, instead of making it cost gems. You can also put limited customization, so that the reader won’t be able to customize certain things but still have some control over what they look like.


i agree!!

Fully agree with this.
I actually made a poll about this asking people what kind of customization they want of if they even want customization at all.
I also have seen a lot of people ask about putting in gems for outfits and customization.
To me and most other people customization does not matter, but if you do choose to include it, we prefer full customization and not as a gem choice. :grin::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Just don’t add customization or just add it as limited custimization


I think u made a good choice. If they decide to spend gems to cc skin tone n ruin the limb overlays then that’s their choice (: lots of readers like to recreate 1 Ali (perhaps from someone else’s story) n use them for everything. So, they don’t like to read it if they can’t fully cc everything. But, it ruins the personal touch to the story so imo, making readers pay a lil bit for full cc is completely reasonable n ppl shouldn’t tell u it isn’t, it’s ur story after all n it’s the Li’s not the mc who ur charging for :white_heart:


Personally I don’t like this idea but it’s your story if you choose to do this then that’s ok but if I seen this option I would simply exit the story. You could add it a gem choice after they already got the chance to fully customize and if they mess up they will have to pay gems. Just remember you don’t have to please your audience but they are giving you the reads and gems.


It’s your choice at the end of the day if you don’t want add CC then don’t. But me as a reader am not a fan of gem choice just to cc i will stop reading immediately.
I seen some authors allow free cc once then it cost gems to cc later which i find is fair.

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I know how frustrating the new writer’s payment is, but I think this is not a smart move to incorporate gem choices in your story. Even Episode lets readers CC without paying gems. I know someone who lets us CC for free every 5 episodes and we’ll have to spend 5 gems if we want to CC more than that.

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People inherently don’t like gem choices, so I feel like the minute someone sees it, most people will click off in an instant. If you as an author don’t want your characters changed or altered, then definitely don’t let the pressure of your audience get to you; you’re free to convey your characters in any way you deem fit.

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