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Dang it. I should really do my requests, but I’m totally entering!

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Yay! Thank you Riley, and the deadline can always be extended :sparkling_heart:

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SO, what exactly do you want us to draw?

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Well if you would draw something that you like about the nighttime, stars, moon! (Since I love it and this contest is dedicated to the nighttime, stars, moon)

And you can use my character details if you wish to :sparkles::grin:

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I’m sort of confused by the theme…? Is it just Halloween?


Here is all the info love! I’m sorry for the confusion this is my very first contest so I’m no expert. And nope it’s not about Halloween, it’s just my fav holiday. Again I apologize for the inconvenience :sparkling_heart:


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no inconvenience I’m just easily confused. can u put me as a maybe

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password : Under The Moonlight :crescent_moon:

I’m entering

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Sounds fun! I love the moon :heart:
Might enter ^^

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Hi I would appreciate if you will remove me from your tag list. Seems people do copy the tag list from each other ad I am lately tagged often for art contests.

But I never participated in one and I dont plan to do it in future.:rofl::rofl::rofl: So I have no Idea why am I constantly on and on tagged in things like this and it starts to be really bit annoying.:woman_facepalming:

Thank you for understanding.


Thanks for the tag!
I’m definitely joining! :two_hearts:

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Thanks for the tag, but i wont be joining! :heart:

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Yea of course, I actually created the tag. And I’m sorry I didn’t see you do art, and no worries! :blush:

Yay! Can’t wait to see your entry! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Awesome thank you! :two_hearts:

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Aww it’s alright! Maybe another time :two_hearts:

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Yeah maybe! :heart:

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@Frey, @ItsLily, @RileyWrites, @CoconutIceCream, @lostintranslation, @kitty_K

Hi… I think this is everyone who wanted to join, today I just found out some sad news a few min ago and I don’t think the contest will go on any longer. I’m sorry I really am, I don’t wish to end this contest especially since it began yesterday and it’s my very first one ever. I hope you understand and aren’t upset with me…:black_heart: