Thread for Male MC Stories:

Most of the stories on Episode mostly focuses on the Female MC, but wouldn’t it be nice to play as a male MC to see their perspective as a male? Even though there’s not a lot of stories focusing the Male Mc, I figure that we can list all the stories that focuses on the Male Mc on here for the people that is looking for Male MC stories. I’m going to list some Male MC stories that I have read.

If you’re looking for stories that gives you the option to play as the main male character and it also provide character customization, here is the list:

  • Senior Design by Andrea Elle

  • PP:Offline by Kayla Sloans

  • Equality by Amanda Michele

  • Have You Seen Monday? by Ruby L. Lee

And here is the list of stories that only let you play as the main male character and it also have character customization

  • Pearl (A Filipino Love Story) by pjane

  • Bound to You by lupe.writes

  • The Jungle by Amanda Michele

  • Dr. Casanova by Rexie

  • Dating A Thief by Logan & Maverick (limited customization)

  • Confessions of a 40-year-old Bad Boy by Hannah K.M.

  • Donor Daddy by Otterstrom & LettyH (limited customization)

  • The Blank Page by Janna Valentina (limited customization)

  • Life Through His Eyes by Crystal

  • Swap by Hanna K.M (This story focuses on both the female and male main character, so you will be playing as both of them.)

  • Cupid’s Arrow: Curmudgeon by Kate Island

  • The Curmudgeon Saga by Kate Island

And lastly, here are the stories with main male characters, but there are no character customization:

  • The Dark Prince by Nis

  • Killer Instincts by Maddie v.

  • Bad Boy in Town by Lillith Hills

  • Therapy 101 by Kat Doll

  • The “Bad Boy” Game by JC!

  • H & V: From Zero to Hero by Dr.Smile


Yeah, there definitely need to be more stories with male MCs. I’m actually working on a story right now that features a male MC, but it probably won’t be published until next month :sweat_smile:
But these stories you listed seem interesting. I’ll check some of them out :two_hearts:

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Thank you so much for the mention! :kissing_heart:

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Moved to Episode Fan Community as this is an Episode-specific post :v:t2:

This is a great post and list. Thanks.

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Galileo School of Magic


oo thank you for mentioning my stories!:slight_smile:

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meh idc about male MC

I don’t keep track of which one’s give you customization options!

Eucatastrophe by Jinx
21 dates by Meila Summers
Studs and Sonnets by LB
The Ladies’ Man’s Playbook by Scotti
Spotlight: The love scam by Layla Vex
Treasure Hunt by toriah
The Stolen Child by E R Gurney
Mr.or Mrs. Right by M. Black
Smoke & Mirrors by Scotti


Fantastical: The frontier by Kay Elle (Which is so good!)
Also Black Absinthe by Kay Elle.

Honestly just check out Kay Elle, They’re one of the most underrated writers on this app, in my opinion.

I’ve also written two stories with gender options myself (A flawless plan and Lost to the painted city) but I haven’t updated in like, forever


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