Thread: Is this character attractive?

Hi while creating characters for different stories project, I found myself wondering if people would find them attractive. So I decided to create this thread where everyone can publish their character to seek feedback on their appearance.

I’ll start but feel free to post too!

Would he make an attractive ll? (don’t hesitate to justifie your choice I the comments)
  • off course
  • not at all

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With love, Louve :wink:


I find him neither attractive nor ugly. I think it’s just because I really dislike that eyes shape tho haha. If he had different eyes I’d prob like him a bit more. But that’s just me!!


he is okay in my opinion.

I agree with @dishsoap, he is overall cute but the eye shape slightly puts me off


His nose bothers me a bit :sob:


I like his beard tho it’s SEXY


he looks good, his eyes bother me though haha

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I like him. He looks a bit like how I envision Jesus :pp

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He’s okay… I don’t really like his eye shape but he seems alright.
I don’t like his brows either, but I’ve always been one of those people who don’t like thick eyebrows so… that’s just me. You can have CC if you’re worried he looks ugly. :slight_smile:

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he would have looked better if he had a different eye shape

He’s good looking, but I’m not a fan of the eyes. They creep me out a little lol.

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I’m really curious what people think of one of my LIs :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


  • Hot!
  • Meh

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@Louve1 If I would have to guess his age, I would say he’s around 53 or a year more. He has a mature nose, wide eyes with bags creating under them, freckles that look more like age spots, and a beard going down the neck- unfortunately that’s also one of a rare beards Episode gave us.

So I’d say, he looks pretty handsome for his years :smiley: This old lady (me) would like him. :smiley::smiley:

Yours it’s not so visible, I can’t say much about him, but he looks like a confident young man :smiley:

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Personally, I don’t really like him but it is your character which means you get the majority of the vote about what you think.

Episode usually has really unique MCs, so maybe change his looks to make him look more… Unique? Idk.

Also, NO OFFENSE but he looks like a creepy old guy that goes after young kids? Maybe get rid of the scruffy face and the scary eyes?

But once again, it’s your character, you choose!

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