Threads that has like nothing 🙄

Has anyone of u seen threads that has a long title then has a post with “ghghhhhhhg” or something like that? The person who created it created more than one and when I click “new”, the threads are there and I have to scroll just to see other threads. To whoever created such threads, pls stop.



They are created by spam bots. Because episode is such a large community, spam bots will usually pop up. You’re supposed to flag the comment as spam and then a moderator will remove the threads.

Y r there spam bots?

Wait… The thread will only be closed for 4 hours…

Its temporarily closer for 4 hours so a moderator has time to delete the thread. Spam bots occur when there is a large amount of people that are part of an online community. Unfortunately, there isn’t much that can be done with spam bots as they are robots.



Couldn’t have explained it better myself! Please flag those threads whenever you see them and the moderation team will take care of them :slight_smile: Thanks!