Three art styles in one story

What are your thoughts on the author adding three art-styles in one story?

Do you think it’s useful or time consuming?


What do you mean by three art styles?

Classic, INK and Limelight

I actually tried to do this once.

Unless you know all the actions and everything of all three styles, don’t do it.

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I got so many errors when I did it, I couldn’t write anything and the story did not work well, I couldn’t even write one functioning scene. It all gets jumbled up when all styles are combined because it doesn’t know what are errors and what’s not.


i’ve only read one story that has done it, but i loved how they used all the art styles

I saw a test one once and it didn’t look like it was on purpose I was so confused

I’ve seen it done twice, once as a joke and once to show different kinds of humans. It’s impressive to master three animation styles (I can barely get a handle on one), but tbh I found it a little distracting and synthetic in a serious plot. :confused: Just my opinion, though. :woman_shrugging:


I’ve read two stories that did this, and one of them I really enjoyed. Alvar’s Out of Time I think handled it well. It placed all three in the story just so you can essentially choose what art style you want to read the story in. That way, he caters to people who enjoy all the different character styles. For short stories like this one, I think it’s a great idea so that you can have people enjoy your story in whatever style they wish, they’re reading for the story- not the style. So he doesn’t have to worry about hearing “I’d read your story, but it’s in such and such style and I don’t like that style.” As for a longer story? I wouldn’t know, but I would imagine that it would be super exhausting.

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It’s definitely a risk.

I remember the team mentioning somewhere that the only reason people can do the “three styles in one story” thing is because of a glitch. And if the glitch ever happened to get fixed in maintenance, it would screw up whatever stories utilize it. Basically, they don’t mind if you do this, but know that it could go away eventually.