Three Styles Problem: INK


I need help if someone is an expert with the three styles thing, My main style I’m using in the three styles is INK. and the problem is whenever try to create a new outfit for my ink character, the clothes down below are LIMELIGHT. And the only way I can create another outfit for my ink, is by making a new person and then putting clothes on them and then switch out clothes on my main character. Does anyone know how I can change that? Make new INK character clothes without making a new person?


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Sounds like a glitch. I would try switching to chrome and if that doesn’t help, submit a ticket to admin.


When using the 3 styles, the only way I have found to make new outfits in a style other than LL is to make a new character in the desired style. I don’t think there is another way.


I think it’s a glitch. That’s just how using the three styles I guess. I’m just wondering if there is another way to create new ink clothes without creating new person, I mean, I really wanted to do this in INK but if ur doing the styles, it’s only easier in CLASSIC or LIMELIGHT when it comes to creating clothes. Not INK. The one time I really wanted to do INK, this problem shows up lol,


I think it’s *not" a glitch I meant


Yea, I didn’t realize what you meant at first about the three styles.
That method has shown to complicate things and to glitch up your script. So user beware


Would you say your question’s been answered @Jbear?


I guess. I really wanted to do my story idea. It would have been really good to direct it in all. It was a fantasy. And I think everybody would have loved but… I don’t want to do my character in another style in INK. Im not really big fan of LIMELIGHT and I’ve been doing classic so much. I really wanted to do INK with all the other styles normally.


I could still do it, it would just be tiring tho to be creating a person a lot just for an outfit for the main character.


Happy to hear you question’s been resolved in any case :slight_smile: Good luck with your story! Closing this thread :v:t2: