Thriller Contest Poll


Will you be joining the thriller contest? if not, why?[poll type=multiple min=1 max=2 public=true]

  • No
  • Yes


I wanted to join it. I had everything sorted out but then I started to think about another plot and then another again :tired_face:. So I decided not to join :worried:. Are you joining?


I’m trying to write a story, but like all the other stories I tried to do, I either find another plot I want to write so I start over until eventually I just give up, or I have writers block. It’s a lot of fun😂


OMG😂 That’s what happened to me I gave up I found at least 5 different plots😭


I have like 10 stories all with approved covers that I just gave up on😂 Like I try so hard but then I’m like “No this will be boring” then I start all over again.


:sob: This happens all the time I have four unpublished stories on Episode and also five stories on Wattpad :unamused:. Maybe take a writing partner​:thinking:


I was planning on partnering up with someone as well, but I procrastinate ALOT so I don’t think anyone would want to work with me😂


I can if you want :joy: School starts in a month so I have time lol


I have volleyball conditioning for two weeks starting Monday from 3-8 then school starts, so maybe we can PM and figure something out if you would like to work together.


How do I PM??


You just click on my little icon thing and it’ll take you to a screen that says message, and ou just click on that.


The poll doesn’t seem to be working (at least not for me), but I plan on entering :slight_smile:


Girl, this is literally me!
I feel the pain😩


I’m not gonna make the deadline so nope :sob::sob:
All that hard work for nothing