"Thriller: Demons" 👹


It is a story about a girl’s “inner demons” being released into the world. I am writing in INK.
I need ideas for:

  • What made her demons so powerful that they broke out of her body? (I’m thinking maybe depression, schizophrenia, OCD or something like that, where she could be on the road to recovery but then suddenly have a major relapse)
  • What could the demons do to make this a thriller story rather than horror - while not breaking Episode’s guidelines?
  • I want 2 different endings: one where the demons are no longer on Earth and one where they are. How could the demons be caught? Maybe it could end up that they are somehow put back into the girl but she gets therapy to get rid of them forever?

I’d be grateful for any help you can offer.
– E. xx


I was planning on making my own art but thank you anyway.


That sounds so cool!!!
I’ve never heard of story line like this!!
Maybe her inner demons escape when she’s at witts-end? Maybe she had dealt with too much that it’s finally intolerable. She has a panic attack and let’s it all loose.

Or perhaps It could be something religious or spiritual. Maybe her parents are religious and rather than realizing her inner demons (illnesses) could be treatable via therapy, they send her to get cleansed by a priest. The cleansing goes wrong and the demons are released.

What kind of demons is she letting out?
You could maybe initiate the seven deadly sins?
Although, the whole demons of depression, anxiety, and etc. seems cool.


Ooh the idea of the seven deadly sins is fantastic!


She may live in a town which is a bit fundamentalist in nature and slowly, people start to realise these crimes/offences that are being done. Don’t know why but an unreliable narrator in this story would be great to read.


Perhaps the protagonist is using second person/third person but in the end it is revealed they were the one behind it all??

A take on the movie Split would be fascinating as well - mainly the idea that the person turns into someone completely different (turns into lust, sloth, wrath, etc.)


Thank you for your help and kind comments!
I like the idea of letting the demons loose during a panic attack. Since depression, anxiety etc. are factors that affect panic attacks.
I will be sure to take your ideas into consideration xx


Ah I second Zaddy’s thoughts - brilliant suggestions and this is a unique premise for a story for sure!


Maybe the demons that are released form a close relationship with the MC and she doesn’t realize it?

It also leads to the question, what are we without our demons? If those demons leave the MC wouldn’t she change as a person?

Maybe she’s happier? Maybe she’s detached?
Maybe because she’s formed a bond with her demons, it would be harder to get rid of them in the end.


Yes, that is brilliant. Perhaps at the beginning we are told that actually we need these demons to function. To balance us out in a way - darkness needs light and vice versa.


That sounds so cool! I was thinking of making her happier (until she realises what’s happened) as of course it is depression, anxiety, etc leaving her. xx


I imagine that without our demons we’d be detached, emotionless, and almost pschopathic.
No internal thoughts, caution, or empathy.
Just an empty shell.
Maybe she’s trying to get her demons back, to become whole again.


Oooooh yassss! I love that! xx


Thisss! These demons are the essence of us - like they are our souls. Some people are able to control their inner demons for evil and for good - this ability is a gift from the past. Maybe, the MC is studying Theology and they discuss the idea of souls but souls were in fact gifted to humanity but when there was too much war and poverty we were given demons instead…?


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Maybe at the end it could all be a dream


Good idea but since this is for the Thrillers contest I want it to be reality. Thank you anyway xx


Maybe the demons always appear behind the person she communicates with