Thriller/ Horror Review Requests

Hi Everyone,
I’m now accepting thriller/horror story review requests.
I am judging how scary a story is and that includes psychological thrillers as well.
Please look at my previous threads and Instagram (@penspaperanddreams) to see how I Review stories. If you’re interested in getting a review, please send me a DM on instagram.

I look forward to reading your stories!!!

Hey It would be great if you could review two of my stories, i’m leaving the details here: -

Tittle: Mr Bond’s Murder
Genre: thriller (with contents of mystery and comedy too)
Author:Mystery Maker
Description:A snowy night ,a few clues and a murder investigation where no one is reliable to be trusted…

Tittle: Curse of the twins
Genre: Horror (with content of thriller too)
Author: Mystery Maker
Description: Amy is forced to shift in a house haunted by the souls of twins.She better finds their secret before it gets too late…


Instagram: @xxmystery.writesxx
(I rarely stay active on instagram so you can PM me here incase the situation comes )

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Hi! I’ll add both of them to the list!

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@Ryan please close this thread

I’m only accepting contest entry requests. Thanks!

Closing per OP request :v:t2: