Thriller/horror romance story recs! (no mafia)

I’m looking for some great thriller/horror stories that have heavy romance themes. I despise mafia stories but I feel like that’s all there is that have good romance storylines :,) (I’m also putting a thriller/romance out myself in a few days but I don’t want to read my own story lol)

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My story falls under that description. Murder-mystery thriller/psychological horror. There is one LI.

TITLE: Thrill of the Hunt
STYLE: Limelight
GENRE: Mystery, with thriller and psychological horror elements. Some social commentary here an and there. 1 love interest.
DESCRIPTION: “With a sadistic killer hunting down strippers and women in the streets, jaded investigator Esme Sinclair is paired with a beautiful stranger. Forced to confront her fears, will more self-destruction follow?”
TOTAL CHAPTERS : 8and ongoing.
CC : Semi, since the protagonist is half Egyptian/a quarter Palestinian and white. LI is half American/half Romanian. Also for advanced directing purposes, like OLs and animations. Art is a general idea of what they’ll look like :).
TRIGGER WARNINGS : Addresses themes of mental health and some themes that may be unsettling, especially since it’s being narrated in a detached way. A huge warning to those with a fear of needles, because it is vital to the plot.


May I have the link to your story? Sounds so interesting. :slight_smile:

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my bad, I thought I included it lmfao


Highly recommend Overtake You!

these all sound so interesting, can’t wait to start reading!

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It is classified as Mystery, but Thriller would also fit!

Title: Polaroids

Author: Ryan Graye

Genre: Mystery with romance sub-plot

No of Episodes: 3

Status: Ongoing

Customization: Full

Description: Morbid curiosity. A sensation with an addictive quality, a NEED to understand violence and harm. A need for knowledge that almost seems unobtainable, exclusive to those who not only possess such thoughts… but also act upon them.

Teagan is a college freshman whose morbid curiosity led her to Brownstone University of Forensics. On her first day she stumbles across an ominous polaroid picture which happens to depict a missing girl.

Dismissed by the police as weak evidence, Teagan and her friends take matters in their own hands and decide to investigate further, which unleashes a dangerous chain of events.

Do you have what it takes to catch the Polaroid Killer?

Story-Link: Episode Writer Portal