Thriller: Rivertown Liars


I just published my story :heart_eyes:
Thriller: Rivertown Liars
It’s in Limelight & it’s a LGBT story :purple_heart:

One of your friends has a sin to confess. Find out who it is, before you’re her next victim.

By Chida
Instagram: CherryMaxis


Excuse me?!
You published your story and didn’t even tell me?:expressionless:
I’m gonna read it!:grin:


Haaahah yessss :joy::purple_heart::purple_heart:


This post is purely to promote my story, please promote your story in your own topic :grin:


Love the cover!


Ty :heart_eyes: it was made by @elenastripe on Instagram




I will give it a shot :slight_smile:
Sounds interesting!


I hope that you’ll enjoy it :heart_eyes:


Please create your own topic to promote your story


Sorry for the inconvience.I didn’t knew promoting stories wasn’t allowed on this thread. :slightly_smiling_face:


It isnt allowed on other people’s promotion topics, you can create your own topic for that or people that ask for story recommendations.