Thriller Story Contest Title Vote!



So, thank you to all the people who helped finalize the details for my Thriller Story. Now, I’m looking for a title. Whichever title gets the most votes, will be the official title for my story. Also, please vote for the title that interests you the most, not the first one. It’s the best way to get everyone’s opinion. I will credit the people who chose the most popular/interesting title.

  • Vengeful
  • Best Served Cold
  • Scorned to Successful
  • Coming at You
  • Revenge
  • Not The End
  • What Comes Around, Goes Around

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Remember what I said?


The first one did interest me the most lol


Oh. LMAO, sorry! I’m really… Uh, OCD about some stuff.


you mean a perfectionist ?


Yes, a perfectionist! Thanks!

In all actuality, I really need to test for that disorder…


Yay ! You liked my titles !


Of course I did! They fit the concept well.


“Best Served Cold” and “Vengeful” are at the same amount of votes… You have until next week to break the tie!


Best Served Cold is an amazing title for a thriller story! Hope it stays in the lead :crossed_fingers:t4:


Wow, thank you!


The winner is…


“Best Served Cold”!!! “Thriller: Best Served Cold”, is the official title! Thanks to all who voted!


You’re welcome :joy::sparkling_heart:


Love you! :heart: