Thriller: Thumbelina

Who has read the story Thriller: Thumbelina? It’s a very good story and man the plot twist wasn’t what I expected.

There is a second season of it called Thumbelina 2: Reawakening and I’m not sure if the next episodes are unlocked. I wonder how many episodes the second season would have.


I read the first one during the Thriller contest. The first two chapters dragged a bit too much for me. I haven’t read the second one. I don’t understand why they just didn’t continue the first one instead of making a whole new story. I know the rules was for it to be a completed story, but Twisted Twin continued after the contest and it was on the shelf.


After you mentioned Twisted Twin is continuing, I instantly started reading chapter 6. I thought the story had two endings so I guess I got the good ending. I wonder how some authors go from fully released to continuing in one book?

I guess it depends on how the story ends.
Twisted Twin had two endings, so that means the authors have to continue to branch the two endings.
Thumbelina only had one ending so it could have easily been continued.

I guess you’re right. It could have continued in one book instead of finding the second book. But we’ll see how many episodes Twisted Twin to have. I’d love to find out what happens after the next few chapters.

I loved Thumbelina!! It’s a well written story that really messes with your head, in a good way. And the authors are the sweetest :purple_heart:


Are you in the story?

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Thumbelina is such a good and unique story. I read it early in the morning during the contest because I couldn’t sleep, and the plot twist basically kept me up because I couldn’t believe what I was reading.

And the second season is even twistier. I literally almost threw my phone!!

Also I second what @Chida said, the authors are the absolutely sweetest. I love those girls.


I’ve read the first season and I really enjoyed it. I haven’t read season two yet, but I’m waiting more more episodes (I’m the kind of person who like to binge). I’m also not too sure why they didn’t just continue the story in the same book (as I don’t believe there were multiple endings?).


You and me both. I read all three episodes for the second season but dying to find out what happens. Man I can’t believe that guy is a traitor (trying not to spoil it for anyone here).
I guess you will be continuing one of your stories in the same book (sorry if I forgot). I just get confused when an episode says fully released but sometimes continue. Can you do that?

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I really liked the first season of Thumbelina. I’m dying to find out what happens next in the second season since we found out that Otis and Naomi had a kid together. I knew that police Katie would betray them later on.

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Just wait!!! It’s insane I literally pounded my bed with my fist bc my one suspicion was correct, but it played out in a way I never expected.

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I knew there was going to be a plot twist in the first season. I had a feeling Otis had something to do with this since he seemed very shady as he brainwashed everyone.
I wonder how many episodes the second season will have. I guess we gotta be patient.


Ik :sob:. Also you’re much better than me, I NEVER EXPECTED OTIS. NEVER!! I was literally the shocked animation in real life.

And I suppose they split it up because it makes more sense for their storyline to continue it off something new entirely, rather than it just continuing in the chapters. Who knows?! Either way I enjoy it. :relaxed:

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We didn’t write it on the same story because it’s what you call a ‘sequel’ and we wanted it on a different story, k? :slight_smile:
We felt as the authors we could make that decision


Yes :heart_eyes:

I have one story where I put season two in a second book and continued it just from one ending. I actually regret doing that. Even though season 1 had multiple endings, I wish I’d just continued on after the bonus episode lol. (I couldn’t have branched it from the different endings as I pushed the line limit with just one story lol.)
I have another story which I plan on continuing from just one ending in the same book, but I’ll probably also release the second season separately (as each season has multiple endings).

Once you mark something off as fully released, you can still upload new episodes.
I’m not really sure why Thumbelina didn’t just continue in the same book, but I’m sure they had their reasons.

Aw you’re too kind babe! <3

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Aw thank you Chida <3

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