Thriller winners

Does someone know where the list is of the winners of the thriller contest? I want to read them all, I have count I need to read another 34 to go :astonished::astonished::astonished: There is one I don’t know the author that is “shattered” does someone has her IG name? But I want to know the winners so I can read them first.
For the moment I have read:


They announced the winners of the Thriller contest here: Announcing Our Thriller Creator's Contest Winners!

And here’s a thread you could go to discuss opinions on it: Let's Talk About . . . Thriller (Contest)!

Also, Thriller: Shattered is by @tiastories


Also, didn’t the shelf for Thriller appear in your app yet? :thinking:

If you go the side (where you can find genres, user stories, etc,) you’ll see Thriller. Click that and it’ll tell you who the winners of the Thriller contest are (they are featured on the page).

Have fun reading :jack_o_lantern: :orange_heart:

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iff i click with thriller there is:

top thriller/horror
Top community thriller (but there are also old ones in)
Top community horror (that is not it too)

that’s it