Through The Wind - LGBTQ+ Episode

Through The Wind is an LGBTQ+ Episode.
I’m looking for a partner to write it with. It’s the first romance I’ve written.

It’s in early development and I’m launching a company.
EpisodiiWorks (Company) is now hiring writers for our new pitches, and writing stories.

Please chat here or DM me to request getting hired.

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I can help if you want :slight_smile:

I would be interested to help. I’m quite new to episode, but i have write my whole and i really enjoy it. I love writing and reading LGBTQ+ stories probably because i’m part of the community myself.

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I’m interested in joining the company, I’m a writer and I have some ideas that I’m working on myself but I’d love to have other people to bounce ideas off of. Let me know if there is room for another person.

Sounds very interesting. I’m down to do it if there’s still positions available, you can find me @mimi_grey8 on Instagram