Throwback Art Contest (Rounds)


So a very generous bean recommended I do this @MysteryMaker

In this contest you will take your first piece of art or your old art and remake it. It can be a edit, digital art, a remake of a drawing, or outline. This contest will have 3 rounds and 5 winners and you may put 2 entries per round. The password is NaeNae .

I’m still working out the prizes and please don’t steal or copy someone.

The first round ends on March 15th

If you have any questions feel free to ask :two_hearts: I left the remake of my first edit below. It’s sloppy but it’s just a rough example.


@Turtle_Cat @prashansaravi
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Share your Edits, Art & Drawings

Hey there. Could you please remove me from tags in the future? I would love to join, but I’m very short on time lately.

Good luck with the contest. :sunflower:


Np and ok


This sounds like fun, I am going to try to enter. :blush:


Ok and good luck :two_hearts:


Sounds fun! I’ll definitely join


I will join.


Good luck :purple_heart:


Good luck :two_hearts:


Thanks for the tag, I’ll join!


Sounds interesting I might join! Thanks for the tag


Ty and good luck :two_hearts:


Joining! NaeNae


Ty and I wish you the best :two_hearts:


I might be joining, have to really search for old art though :joy:


Ok :purple_heart:


Is this like only for edits? Cause I’ve never done edits and only covers and other things


Honestly I didn’t think of that. Maybe outlines would be good aswell but I’m not sure about what you mean by other things. What all do you make?


Covers banners splashes overlays


I’m not sure how this is gonna turn out but you can remake a cover if you want. I would need more cover makers to enter though.