Throwback Art Contest (Rounds)


I’m not sure at the moment but I’ll see what I can do.


Probably joining! But I’ve only made digital art for a short time… can we remake old art on paper to a digital drawing? :thinking:


Of course. I love your art :two_hearts:


Ah great! I’ll see if I have the time then <3

And thank you!!!


No problem and good luck! :purple_heart:


~Bump~ :revolving_hearts:


hopefully entering!! I’m gonna try


Yay! Good luck :two_hearts:


Participating :slight_smile: Tysm for the tag


Np and good luck :two_hearts:


Ooooo!! I’ll see if i can find some time :kissing_heart:






I am really gonna join NaeNae
I found an art piece I can use really well if it’s okay it’s nowhere near my first art, started May last year, but this one is from September 2018 so it’s old art! If not I guess I will have to use one of my edits from the beginning!
Do you have to post and the original and the remake?


You can if you want to. Also it doesn’t have to be your first just old art.


This sounds so cool! I’ll try to join!


Thanks :blue_heart:


I’ll join because this idea is amazing :eyes:


Your letter is D :grin:


Here’s my entry NaeNae!
Before:(first art piece)


Basically I used the same idea but remade it and made it different I guess? I like how it turned out :blush: