Thumb Overlay Please?

I’ve asked about this a while back but I need another one for a different person. Basically, I want to make my character look like she’s holding paper so does anybody know where I can get thumb overlays from? JUST THE THUMB! Or anybody that can make them? If so could it be woman, in ink with the skin tone Honey please?

Thanks in advance :hugs:

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@FlowerGriefer, @Emily515123, @PizzaLover, @Bethany1 or @Eva_Diva1 can any of you guys help here?


Do you mean something like this?


@Evilyn check out @Emily515123’s reply, is that what you want?

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Sorry that I haven’t been around lately :disappointed_relieved:

That is absoluetly perfect thank you so much!
Do you want credit?

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Closed: Marked as solved by Op. :v: