Thunder Review Requests [OPEN]

Hello Everyone! I hope you’re all having a good day apart from this corona pandemic. We, the members at @epi.thunder, a grp in IG, have opened the requests which include story review requests. We thought to expand our services to the forums too since our members are hyperactive and also we get bored so easily haha.

Anyways, make sure to read the instructions carefully and only then request the password if you agree to our conditions. We follow them in a serious way, so pls do not ignore. :blush:

Our Terms & Conditions

  • You must be following us, we will be checking. This condition only applies to the ones who have an IG acc. Even if you don’t have it, it won’t be a problem. We will still review your story.

  • Now in order to get your story reviewed by us, you must read at least 3 episodes from our Member’s stories, and send us a screenshot as a proof that you have read the story then we will begin with your review request. We will PM you and tell you which story you have to read within 3 days. You must read the story within 3 days of filling this form or else your request will be deleted. Once we get the screenshot, we will start your request. Remember we only do this because some of them only request for reads and our reviewers take their time to review it for your improvement and we do not want to disgrace their efforts when u just avoid their review. Try to take their advice in a good manner and improve.

  • Only fill the form if you agree with our above condition.

  • Backfiring is strictly not allowed.

  • It will take a few days to complete your request and it will be posted on IG even if you don’t have an acc. For the ones who don’t have an IG acc, the review will be sent in a PM by me.

  • Password: thunderbolts

How things work?

  • You fill the form and reply in this thread. No PMs are allowed.
  • Once filled, I will like your request and then, I will DM you with the story you need to read and I will wait for 3 days. If the screenshot is not sent by the 3rd day, your request will automatically be cancelled.
  • Once SS received, the request will be assigned to one of our reviewers and will be done.
  • Once the reviews are done, it will be posted in @epi.thunder on IG.
  • The review will be sent to you in PM if you are an only forum user for your reference.
  • That’s all! You get a review and ways to improve your story!

Special Feature!

Every week, we select a Thunder Story, the one with the highest score in our reviews. The selected story will be promoted by the owners with live feedbacks and screenshot and a place in the group’s highlights. Your story can be one of it too :kissing_heart:

Thank you for reading so far! Without any delay, If you need a review and you agree with all our conditions, fill the form below.

Request Form
  • Story Name:
  • Author Name (on the app):
  • Story Link:
  • **Cover: **
  • Are you an only forum user? (Yes/No):
  • If no, what’s your Instagram acc?:
  • Password (If you enter the password it means you apply with our conditions.):


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not to rush but when will i receive my review?

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3-4 days maybe! Its already assigned!

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@AnonymousAuthor1 Your review has been completed by our reviewer! Do check your DM and thank you for requesting!

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