Thunderstorm Lighting

So I am creating a scene where a character goes downstairs during a thunderstorm. Is there a way I can code in lightening where it lights up the room before going dark again? I’ve been stuck on this for two days and idk if I’m being stubborn or if there is a way I’m missing. Anyone know how to basically turn lights on and off?

Ive never done anything like this but you could try making a white overlay of like just searching white back ground and changing the opacity to make it flash

Or to make it easier using the fade in transition but in white and changing the duration to get it to fit

To darken the room you can also use a shade dim overlay there is one already provided in the overlay place when you click the backgrounds tab


Hopefully that helps gives you some ideas💙

I tried adjusting a transition fade and it seemed to work perfect! Thanks.

No problem!