Tickets buggggg

Hi there, this happened to me today and yesterday,

Whenever I feel like the time for my tickets to be refilled is coming, I open the app and see that I have a small amount of minutes left, and I say okay and then I close the app and go watch YouTube while waiting for them to be refilled yes I don’t have a social life.

But then after I sense that the amount of minutes had passed and I reopen to continue reading Dripping Mascara cause my 4 ticks are supposed to be there, it still says 0 tickets and it starts counting down for 4 hours until next refill again as if I read anything!

So fix it cause this is not gonna make me buy tickets pls

:heart: bye

@Ryan @Jeremy

I’d suggest filing a support ticket. It really does help! :purple_heart:


As @Estefi mentioned. The best way to get this resolved is by submitting a ticket to our support team who are more than happy to help. Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.