Tickets & Diamond usage

So I’ve noticed this about how the game likes to give you options to use diamonds but what’s hard for me is the pressure your put under when trying to help someone costs you like a weeks work of diamonds this is especially a huge struggle for people or kids who aren’t allowed to purchase diamonds, and don’t get me wrong every single story is Breathtakingly made but that’s what makes people upset is they want to continue the story and the rough thing is having to wait over 3 hours to get 1 or 2 tickets , We get that you probably haven’t finished the chapter which is why I feel like things should be made to where stories shouldn’t be released until fully finished. So it cuts the time people have to wait, and instead of making the wheel only on sunday’s To earn such a small reward at least make it daily or make the rewards bigger ( this isn’t a judgement to the creators or makers it’s just what I’ve concluded my experience to be on here so far.) Thank you.


People should still be able 2 release their stories if they aren’t fully finished bc we wouldn’t even have HALF of the stories that are on episode now!

Yeah I realized that shortly afterwards but All that I want is for them to acknowledge that people want to read as much as possible and even if they’re not finished we should be able to go to a new story and just read that

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