Tied in Chair template

Hey Guys! This is my template for being tied in a chair!
Name is the character so you can change it and you can also change the background, you need a rope and a chair overlay! I suggest getting the picsart app, online picsart does not help with overlays as much

sound ambient_outdoors_lp
&overlay ROPE create
&overlay ROPE opacity 1
&overlay INT. CHAIR create
&overlay INT. CHAIR opacity 1
&overlay ROPE shifts to -448 -506 in zone 1
&overlay ROPE scales to 0.769 0.769
&overlay ROPE moves to layer 2
&overlay INT. CHAIR shifts to -191 -184 in zone 1
&overlay INT. CHAIR scales to 0.415 0.415
&overlay INT. CHAIR moves to layer 0
&NAME spot 1.249 205 121 in zone 1 at layer 1 AND NAME faces left AND NAME is idle_sit_sad_loop
@transition fade in black in 3

Your welcome!


Wow! Thank you!

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