!Tiktok Tutorials!

Hi everyone,

For the past year or so I have been uploading tiktoks to help new authors with coding issues, things they may be struggling with or maybe just any author who want to learn advanced coding.

I only have three part to this TikTok so you can image that there isn’t much there but I do really want to be able to help people so if you are struggling with anything and would like help please reply to this topic and I would either discuss on here or on my TikTok if it is a popular recommendation

Topics I have covered so far on here and on Tiktok are:

  • Mouth moving overlay (on here)
  • Moving and Rotating overlays (TikTok)
  • Basic coding (TikTok)
  • Basic overlay coding (TikTok)

Please again feel free to reply to this topic with anything you are struggling with as I would like to help and also your reply may help other too!

If you would like to check out my TikTok, my handle is @epy.emilyw
If you would like to check out my Instagram, my handle is @epy.emilywhitehead

Hope I can help x


Thanks for the information.

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What’s this information for?

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