Time choices labeled?

How can you label timed choices?

for timed choice all you have to write
[timed: (1-15)] in front of choice like-
*Max time 15

choice [timed : 15]
“Choice 1” {
}“Choice 2”{

Hope it’ll help

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Timed choice with labels, but I figured it out.

What’s the difference?:thinking:

Labels go to a specific point. For example:

label END
This chapter has not been finished yet!
The next chapter will be released next week.
goto END

goto goes to the point where you labeled it, so if it is not in a choice, it will eternally be a loop of the dialogue.

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Oh that, now I get your point

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No, I meant

Choice (Coffee) [timed:34]
“Choice 1” {

Thanks for the effort @Belpix too

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Yeah! I state that timed choice, just read it if you didn’t understand then I’ll help you :yum:

Ah, I was just replying to Orange’s question as I saw you figured out your own. If you ever need any more coding help, im all ears :slight_smile:


Do you know how to code flying overlays?

Sure, I’ll :blush:

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Depends what you mean by flying, but yeah I do :slight_smile: