Time Process For Backgrounds



I’ve been reading from episode for a few years now before INK or any of that stuff came out and have tried making a few stories myself. One thing that I think is difficult is while you’re trying to making an episode you have to wait for backgrounds to be approved,now I understand this is necessary and all to make sure every thing follows guidelines but I do wish it didn’t take long. One time 2 backgrounds took over 3 days to be approved. It would be nice if they could find a more faster way to do this. Does anyone else feel this way?


Hey, @GigiQueenie!

Yes, the standard time for the Episode team to approve backgrounds is three business days. I understand what you mean about wishing the backgrounds would be approved faster, but I think that we should also be grateful to all the people out there who have to work endlessly to approve (or decline) the thousands of backgrounds that are uploaded every day.

So I think that three days is actually pretty fair. Asking them to do it in lesser time would just be insensitive. Instead, let’s try and show some gratitude toward the staff. :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry if I came across insensitive never meant for it to be seen that way,just simply wishing it didn’t take as long.


Ahaha, it’s alright—my comment wasn’t directed toward you. I understand how you feel, because there have been times where I haven’t been able to go ahead and publish episodes because my backgrounds and overlays haven’t yet been approved. I’d find it frustrating, too, but over time, my feelings toward this changed. That’s all I meant to say; sorry if it seemed rude. :sweat_smile: