Time Travel / Alternate Reality Stories?

Does anybody know good time travel / alternate reality stories on here? I’ve already read Eclipsis (by Victoria Masina) and I’m Married to a Rockstar (by Coni B) and I’m addicted to these kinds of stories. Any other good ones I should check out?? Thanks in advance❤️

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Proxy by Rozozzy
Out of Time by Alvar M
Flashback Friday by Daisy W

Time Travel

  • Ember of Time by @M.jordan
    A young maiden from the past get transported to modern time (currently has 41 episode)

  • Art Ache by Lou C.
    Not exactly “time travel” but a witch was cursed and she had to pass through centuries (currently has 4 episode)

Alternate Reality

  • The Ruby Tiara by @wincyyellow
    A girl got transported to a Kingdom in another dimension (completed in ink 33 episode)

  • I Married A Knight by @earlgreytea
    A writer accidentally transported to a kingdom in another world (currently has 16 episode, cmiiw)

  • The Episode Princess by Fran
    The MC got transported to a kingdom in an Episode story that her best friend played (completed 16 episodes)

I hope that helps :ok_hand:

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