Time Traveling ✨ Future Bucket List - Time Capsule 🕰

Hello fellow readers! Welcome toooo a very awesome thread I’d call it

Time to time travel! cliche isn’t it?

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we, episodians , are going to create a bucket list, or shall I say, THE bucket list, in which you will write about a couple of things you would want to get or achieve in the future, and we’ll get to re-read it in let’s say 3 years, the same day!

be nice to each other
rude or bad comments will be removed and blocked
don’t make fun of other’s goals and don’t write anything offensive.


This time zone was fitting well at this point

Your Bucket List can be a poster or a text :))

Enjoy time travelers! See you in 3 years!...       



My bucket list
Want to be a Singer , sing for others
Want to visit every orphanages around the world if possible
Want to help poor and love everyone in the world

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That’s really sweet :)) hope you achieve your goals

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