Time Traveling Rascal~~RP SIGN UPS~~




In a world where time travel is possible, there is a group of people who are hired to follow everybody that tries to time travel and try avoiding the universe exploding. But of course sometimes some rogues don’t follow the rules. Of course they are not that often but in year 2247 one rascal (or a group of rascals) rebells for whatever reason and our heroic group chases them throught history.


Any Questions? You can Freely ask me here or pm me.


@meadowh (you said you wanted to help out)

If there will be more than one Rascal signed up I will make it a group.

Tagging random RP-ers

@Hail_the_Stxrs @Chocolate_Mama @Once @Etherwalker @Tellyg47 @Littlefeets @ChayChay @Briar.R @Ypsilon @kitty4322 @Secretz_lol @TheBluGeek @Cricket_Master


@areyouaqueen 1 females
@taliaa 1 fem
@Kate_Potter 1 fem


I’ve put it on watching. If u need help, tag me :wink:


I thought you said Interested + helping out … there was an only help out option maybe you didn’t see it lol @meadowh


Oh yeah I know, but when you need my help (because I said I would) then just tag me. But it’s 10pm so I’m going to bed now @LeviTheLunatic


Can I reserve 1 female? This sounds super fun :slight_smile:
And if possible, one of them a rascal?


Reserve for a female!


You can reserve and ofc she can be rascal …

Btw I don’t care about the guys rule you can make as mcuh girls as you like


Reserve a spot female




Reserved -_- (why everybody reserves?)


I’m gonna make the character later today… lol


I know but I hate when people reserve to do it later when there are no spots to fulfill and no limited character number


I didn’t realize that… sorry…


One female reservenplz


Reserve for one female please


@ChayChay you put strenght and smarts too high … I wrote it mustn’t add up to be more than 10 and if I take what you wrote

strong 9 and smart 8 , 9 + 8 is 17 and it can’t be more than 10 unless you write he /she is a genius in he bio or/and personality.


I don’t wanna sound like a noob but on the sign up document what tf is a face claim and what do you mean by bio :joy:



I honestly don’t care if theres even amount of girls and guys but we gotta have at least a few guys just for good measure …


Sorry I was confused…