Timed choice question

I’m trying to change the spot placement of the timer for a timed choice using the timer help function. The code for the timer currently looks like this:

choice [timed:10:timer to 2 240 300]

Whenever I load up the previewer, the timer moves to a completely different spot placement instead of the one I wanted. What is going wrong here?

EDIT: so for a followup, I think something about the spotting for timers is glitched. Every time I hit preview it spit the timer out 200px lower on the y scale than what the code actually dictates. I ended up just offsetting my code by the same amount and it ended up working (ie, I bumped it upwards by 200). I even found a similar thread with the exact same issue/glitch. Don’t know what that’s about.


I was using that, in the guide (and the portal) there is a way to spot the timer the way you spot anything else, but for me it just isn’t working, it keeps throwing it somewhere else.

You can learn about the basics of Episode using tutorials. I used Joseph Evans’ tutorials and I improved in a effective way.

You should submit a ticket and let the Episode Team know about this issue so they can hopefully fix it.

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