Timed Choices Code


Guys, there are timed choices in the writing portal! The code is:


choice [timed:the # of seconds you want, the default is 15]
"option 1" {
"option 2" {

But it seems like when time runs out the last choice is picked. Anyway, just wanted to share this knowledge with ya. Also, I didn’t know whether this was the right sub to put this in so please transfer it to another sub if needed.

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Omg thank you for this! This is great, especially with the Thriller contest going on!


No problem!


This is so cool! I see you edited the code, nevermind. :grin:


Cool :slight_smile: where did you found out about it? :slight_smile::thinking:


Tysm that is so cool :heart_eyes:


Haha, it was a mistake. I was checking whether you could have panning regular choices instead of panning tappable overlay choices, and it gave me an error and gave me a bunch of other options I could use in the error box


Thank you!


Oh my GOD! Thank you so much! :grin:


Wow, this is amazing! :sunglasses::facepunch:


Have you checked to see if it works and if it will save without any errors?


I’ve checked and it doesn’t have any errors. The only issue is, is that it breaks the Writers Portal preview and gives a ‘runtime error’. It works in app fine though.


I’m going to assume it’s one of those things (like having multiple styles in one story) that we can kind of use then but it would be discouraged because at any time the code could break :joy:


Haha yes! Hopefully it’ll stick around for a while before it becomes a problem. :sweat_smile:


Or hopefully they officially release it bug-free soon :slight_smile:


What happens if the reader fails to choose a choice within the time limit?






Wow, this is such a cool new option. Thanks for telling us!


More options: