Timed Choices Code

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I tried this out but I keep getting an error that says, “UNEXPECTED CHOICEPARAMS: timed:5” and I’m not sure what I should do or what I did wrong.

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Thank you!
I keep seeing templates that require me to use overlays and I didn’t realise it was this easy :smile:

Awesome!! Thanks this is awesome!! So useful for a horror story or a story where you need to move quickly!!

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Has Episode officially released the timed choices, or are they still in beta? I really want to use them for my stories, but I don’t want them to randomly glitch or something.

it’s not officially out yet

We can not choose what will happen if the time is down?

If the timer runs out, then the last option in a choice is picked. It says this at the top of the thread:

So, it’s the very last option of a choice that will play when the timer runs out.

Hope this answers your question :heart:

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I’m getting a param error ever since the new update…has it changed or am I doing it wrong?

here’s the code -

nevermind. i added a bit of dialogue before the choice and i fixed it. :joy: silly me!

I would like to add this very helpful guide on :heart:

What does this mean?

Maybe it’s because the reader message is in between the dialogue and the choice, idk? It looks otherwise right to me…

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There we go. Thank you.

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No problem! Glad to help :blush:

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Is there any way to code in what happens if the reader runs out of time?

You could use labels/goto’s or code an if/else.


choice [timed:5]
“Choice One.” {
“Choice Two.” {
“Choice Three.” {
If the reader is too slow, it will automatically pick the last choice. So, you could add gains or points. Then somewhere in the script, you can do something like this.

if (BONUSSCENE > 2) {
goto bonus_scene
} else {
This is where you can code in the scene here or you can make a separate label.
goto missed_opportunity
label bonus_scene
#story here.

label missed_opportunity
#scene where the reader has failed.

That’s how I coded a scene where the reader missed out on a bonus scene.