Timed choices script error

Can someone help me with this? I keep getting this error message

choice [timed:5:center:Choke up]
"I have a crush on you" {
        LINK (talk_sheepish_rubneck)
    I kinda have a small crush on you
        LINK (talk_deny_neutral)
    I wasn't gonna say anything but Andrew threatened to tell you
} “Choke up” {
&zoom on 453 447 to 171% in 0
@cut to zone 2
        ANDREW (talk_accuse_angry)
    Link likes you!
@cut to zone 1
&zoom on 145 419 to 204% in 0

Remove the “Choke up.” You shouldn’t need it. I assume you included that in hopes of having that be what is automatically chosen when time is up, but you don’t need to do that. It automatically picks the last option :slight_smile:

choice [timed:5:center]

I’m still getting the same thing for some reason. Cause it saved just fine 5 minutes prior to posting this

The problem is that choices need to follow dialogue and you wrote the choice after a command.


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