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You know those times when you see a choice will you have to do it in time or nothing will happen or u just stand there. I mean most of the time nobody gets that but sometimes I do see it in games like I’m not sure I forgot the names.

Timed choices can be the most important thing and the story of an episode especially action genres or mystery or any other Genre to be exact but time choices can keep your character in a nice mood and can also help with series the choices in anything else but if the character does nothing in time something might as well happen timed choices should really be used more because it arrives a greater effect on the characters choices in really stressful doubtful situations. and is great for testing whatsoever.

How to do timed choices?
For an example thanks to @Dara.Amarie website.

Which wire do you cut?

choice [timed:center:5]

“Red wire” {

} “Blue wire” {

} “Green wire” {

If the timer runs out and a choice has not been tapped, the very last option will be the default outcome.


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