Timer? SOS HELP!


I am trying to make it where the player has 5 minutes to figure out a puzzle for a way to escape. Do you guys know the answer?


There’s no timing command, however there is a wait command.
@pause for a beat


There is a timer. I saw someone use it in their story. Tbey actually use forum once I remember who it is ill tag them here.


Thank you.


Wait I think it was your story that had the timer on his story called The end is nigh!


No, not that. Yes, that was me, but that was for timed choices. I’m talking about this thing where it counts down and then if it gets to zero, something happens.


Hmm not sure.
Hopefully someone does.


These are different backgrounds.
For every number another background.


Caitoriri shared an interesting technique in this thread:

She creates 8 overlays, 4 purple quarter circles and 4 black ones. She then lets each purple quarter rotate under the black piece to it’s right in a certain time. Maybe you could use that with a veeeery slow rotation and as soon as the last purple bit disappeared you send the reader to a label with the ‘time is up’-ending of the riddle? Or maybe have 5 circles with numbers (1-5) overlapping and fading one after another, I don’t know XD
I’m still a total coding noob, but I thought that could maybe work :thinking:


There is a timer that is being made by episode but it is not done yet but works. It has glitches.