Timing character's movements


Hey, I was wondering how to script your character’s movements within a certain period of time.
Not sure if any of you have read Andrea Elle’s story Love and Dance but she’s able to move each character in time with the music, but not necessarily moving from the same position.

For example the stand_up animation the timing for each character’s behaviour is altered.

Sorry for the long paragraph but I really needed help!


@CHARACTER is animation in S, where S is the number of seconds you’d like the animation to last.


I tried that and it came up with the warning saying it wasn’t a valid directing command
Thanks for the reply though, any other suggestions?


Try pausing, for example:
&CHARACTER is dance_drop_it
@pause for 0.5
@CHARACTER is dance_groove_loop

Most of the action lasts for a second or two, so try to short them by adding a pause and move to another action


I will try that thank you


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