Tiny's Art shop!

I filled it out and used the code! can you lmk if it worked

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Yes it worked I got your request.

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awesome! if its to much lmk and I can change it.

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just filled it out! lmk if everything is OK. :blob_sun:

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Will do!

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Hi guys, I just wanted to say that @Tinyxoxo’s work is amazing, she just made me this amazing art piece

she is legit and is going to do a great job on your art!


How come you can’t use episode characters for the cover

Because I would be using episode assets

You didnt mention your covers were not FREE!!!

I have a cover for my story I was just asking some questions


Oh so you already have a cover?

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Great! hope you have a great day :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Tinyxoxo, I made this PFP circled in red…

I don’t appreciate it u taking credit for my edit that I made for someone that wasn’t u

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I was going to help Allie_Dimond

Where did u find the character?

I was going to help Allie Dimond. Are’s just look a like It does not mean that I coped off of you

With the exact same pfp…

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No, this image a whole different one they just look similar

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Okay, that’s fine but please let me know if u are completing the request because then I can focus on someone else’s request (:

Glad we cleared this up (: