Tip: Conversion between Main Positions to Spots

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What the-… Im sorry fill me up, im very confused…

I’m going to use these three as an example. Basically if you place your character screen center and then check what their coordinates are, you will see spot 1.280 160 0

I have a post on spot directing:

And an in depth video explaining the three values on my channel.

spot 1.280 160 0
spot % X Y
The first number (%) is height (1.280 which is default)
The second number (160) is left, right direction of character. Lower numbers on the left, higher numbers on the right. Think of it like a graph.
The third number (0) is up, down of the character. Higher numbers up, lower numbers down.

So 1.280 50 0 = screen left (50)
1.280 160 0 = screen center (160)
1.280 270 0 = screen right (270)

You can also view the Episode Guides chart that contains the spot directing values of the zones (it has the X-axis-horixontal and the Y axis-vertical).

Chart: JemU776's Help Thread