Tip for charatere(seem like the villian but is not)

I am working on a story on the side of my published one and I kinda have a problem with a character. I want him to seem like a villain. but actually, he is not. he is a good person. and I can’t really figure out how to make him seem evil when he is not. he also thinks the mc is the evil one. in reality, she is just been lied to by the real villain.

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They can be at the “wrong place at the wrong time” or other type of scenarios? To give that impression.

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I am looking more for what he does and says. the entire story from she meet him to it ends is two maybe 3 days

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In that case maybe he just says things that are suspicious. The type of things that make you wonder what his intentions are?

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Yeah I am trying to do that.

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you gotta make him act nervous, like he seems like he’s doing something suspicious and got caught, but he’s just like that

I want him to be more scary type.

I am gratefull for the sugestion. its just not the type of personality I have givin him

oh I don’t know how to do that hahaha

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You can make him hide something which actually has nothing to do with being a villain but make the readers notice he’s hiding something and they won’t trust him. Hope that made sense

Perhaps have his dialogue be more powerful, calculated and suggestive. So simple things that he says can come across as potentially having a dark hidden meaning behind them. If he is thinking the MC is the evil one then it would be front and bravado that he is using to face off against him/her. So there’s room in there to have him act like a bolder person.
Have plenty of room for interpretation with his movements,behaviour and speech, this way it will keep the audience guessing. You can also use short clips among them where you begin to indicate that he isn’t evil, so moments alone etc where he is more calm and himself, thinking something or saying something that gradually reveals his genuine self.


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